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Welcome to


An inner transformation
A transformational experience

Healing and aligning your mind, body and soul


Healing, alignment and transformation occur when we heal and integrate every element of ourselves and our life.

Together we work to get clarity, heal, balance and integrate every part of your life.


So that your wisdom and knowing can come through. The wisdom that runs through your system.

So that you can live your purpose, passion and fullest potential.

For greater joy, flow, power and efficiency.


You will be nurtured and supported fully through the process. From beginning to end.

Together We heal your pain
Together we design the life of your dreams
Together we create real, lasting change
Together we will Grow you Deep

How I Can Help You




You need someone to guide you out of your stories and limiting beliefs and out of the matrix – into the light.


You need someone to guide you from the dark and into the light.


You are ready to heal.


You are ready to grow.


You are ready to be free.


You are ready to become you.


You are ready to align your mind, with your body and with your soul.

Life By Design

Do you know what it means to feel fulfilled? Do you feel it right now?

I believe in a holistic approach to coaching and therapy which promotes the healing, development and integration of all aspects of one's life in order to lead a more fulfilled and purposeful life.

Forget what it looks like now and see what it can turn into. together we can design the life that you want.

by design

Do you and your partner want
to improve your communication?

Do you want to feel seen,
heard and understood?

Do you want your sex to be deeper,
richer and more nourishing?

Do you want to feel connected again?


Behind every complaint is a desire,
but most of the time we don’t even
know what our desire is.


Together we will uncover your individual desires and your desires as a couple.
We will make them your reality, make communication between you playful
and re-ignite your deep connected
bond. In short, together we will design the relationship that you both long for.