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Relationship by Design

Do you want to improve communication with your partner?

Do you want to feel seen, heard and understood?

Do you want sex to be deeper, richer and more nourishing?

Do you want to feel connected again?

Behind every complaint there is a desire, but most of the time we don’t even know what our desire is.


Together we will uncover your desires and make them your reality, make communication between you playful and re-ignite the deep connected bond between you. In short, we will design the relationship that you desire.

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  • Identifying your desire.

  • Believing you can have it.

  • Asking for it and receiving it.

  • Taking responsibility for you
    and your desire.


  • Setting them, keeping them and respecting others' boundaries.

  • Receiving NO as an answer.


Shadow work/integration

  • Victim consciousness.

  • Taking back your power.

Compensatory behaviors

  • E.g. over-eating/compensatory eating, alcohol/drug abuse, watching too much Netflix, porn-addiction, etc.


Becoming your whole,
authentic self and
connecting to your essence

  • Being vulnerable

  • Feelings of shame & guilt


Managing stress, anxiety and negative/depressive thoughts