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Life By design

Fulfillment – Do you know what it is? Do you feel it now?


I believe in a holistic approach to coaching and therapy which promotes the healing, development and integration of all aspects of one’s life in order to lead a more fulfilled and purposeful life.


Forget what it looks like now – see what it can turn into. Together we will design the life that you want.

I have many clients tell me that they feel uninspired, bored, stressed, lonely or unfulfilled. They feel that they’ve lost touch with themselves. They don’t know what their purpose is or what they want. They feel stuck.


When I ask them what they want they give me a long list of all the reasons they can’t possibly have what they want. Most often they are stuck in the “shoulds, need tos and I can’ts”. Are you also one of these people?


Are you living your dream life right now?

Do you know who you are and what you want?

Are you surrounded by people but do you feel alone?

Do you do things that you need to, but don’t have time for what you want?

Are you “too busy”.

Do you feel stuck?

Do you have compensatory behaviors such as overeating, sleeping too much, drink too much, watching too much Netflix.


Behind every complaint there is a desire. And you always have the choice to pursue that desire.


You always have a choice.


Yes, I know that that’s hard to believe. But you ALWAYS have a choice.  Even if someone has a gun to your head. No matter how unfair it is, you always have a choice. There is no excuse. So are you going to keep telling yourself that there is one (or a million; like lack of time, money, energy..) or are you going to do something about it?

Take responsibility and start creating your dream life right now.

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  • Identifying your desire.

  • Believing you can have it.

  • Asking for it and receiving it.

  • Taking responsibility for you
    and your desire.


  • Setting them, keeping them and respecting others' boundaries.

  • Receiving NO as an answer.


Shadow work/integration

  • Victim consciousness.

  • Taking back your power.

Compensatory behaviors

  • E.g. over-eating/compensatory eating, alcohol/drug abuse, watching too much Netflix, porn-addiction, etc.


Becoming your whole,
authentic self and
connecting to your essence

  • Being vulnerable

  • Feelings of shame & guilt


Managing stress, anxiety and negative/depressive thoughts

Strengthening your Connection
to Source