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How I work

Healing through wake-up

Emotional Recovery

Soul Awakening

Life by Design

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I approach my clients as holistic beings.


I don’t just do therapy. Or just coach you.


True transformation is a process and cannot be compartmentalized.

I wont just “get you through” a specific problem, support you during a tough time, help you survive when you are at your worst or help you get clarity in a specific area.


The work that we do together is much deeper than that.


My job is to help you get to the root of it all – your pain, confusion, lack of direction or joy and help you build a new foundation for your life.


If you don’t get to the root of your problem, it will present itself again and again in different ways. The situation will be different. The energy will be the same.


I approach you as a holistic being. Mind, body and soul.

True transformation cannot be compartmentalized into one area.

And I wont just coach you or just do therapy with you.


We will look at it all, go underneath the symptoms presenting themselves (the issues you have come to me with), to see what is really going on at the root of it all.


You are unique and so is your process. There is not a ‘one-size fits all’ approach.


And my job is to be with you exactly where you are at.

The general method that I use:


We examine your life.

Where are you at and what you would like. How you are living and how you are feeling.

This is done in a neutral and factual manner.

There is no judgment.

It is just an analysis of where you are at and where you would like to be.


We deconstruct your behaviors, emotions and experiences to discover your underlying beliefs and fears.

We get to the root of what is driving your life, your choices and your experiences.

We remove the blocks (beliefs, patters of behavior and ideas) that are in the way of you being fully yourself, connecting with yourself and others on a deeper level, having what you want and achieving your dreams.


We rebuild your foundation.

Throughout our time together I will suggest books for your to read and videos to watch.


You will be given writing assignments, experiments and research to do in your daily life to gather information about you.


You will be given tools and practices to change patterns and build new habits.


A roadmap.

I will provide the tools and the structure, but you are responsible for doing the work.


This transformation requires a high level of commitment and willingness in addition to the financial investment you will make in your transformation.

This doesn’t work, if you don’t do the work.


Due to they way that I work, I work with clients for a minimum of 3 months.

I don’t offer shorter options, because it is not in true service to your transformation.

Emotional recovery takes time. It is a process.

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