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Working with me

Have you lost hope?

Do you experience emotional pain?

Do you feel lost?

Do you feel stuck?


Is there an area of your life that could be better?

There’s always an aspect of our lives that we want to improve, whether
it is deeper relationships and love, career goals and changes, or healing
old wounds. 


Pain and old wounds are unprocessed feelings and emotions. Through therapy you discover what these feelings are and how to heal.

Feeling stuck, is stuck thinking.

Coaching is a process that helps you discover how to get unstuck.


As a psychologist and a coach, I can see you more objectively than your friends or family.
I give you valuable thinking time, so you can find solutions you would
not otherwise find.


I help you approach your life, your goals and dreams with clarity, while healing, inspiring you and enabling you to reach your full potential.

Together we design the life of your dreams
Together we create real, lasting change
Together we will Grow you Deep


  • Identifying your desire.

  • Believing you can have it.

  • Asking for it and receiving it.

  • Taking responsibility for you
    and your desire.


  • Setting them, keeping them and respecting others' boundaries.

  • Receiving NO as an answer.


Shadow work/integration

  • Victim consciousness.

  • Taking back your power.

Compensatory behaviors

  • E.g. over-eating/compensatory eating, alcohol/drug abuse, watching too much Netflix, porn-addiction, etc.


Becoming your whole,
authentic self and
connecting to your essence

  • Being vulnerable

  • Feelings of shame & guilt


Managing stress, anxiety and negative/depressive thoughts

Strengthening your Connection
to Source

How I work

I am a clinical psychologist, as well as a Co-Active coach.


My belief is that we all have the answers within us and you are the expert on your life. As a therapist and a coach, my job is to help you get access to your answers and your truth.

My background in psychology and coaching are the perfect combination of tools to help you deal with old trauma, wounds and beliefs that are not serving you and are holding you back, as well as to find ways to step into your full potential and desires life. I will Grow you Deep.

Your Roots = Psychology

Together we will explore your thoughts, beliefs and stories about who you are and what you can have.

We will dig deep to heal old wounds and blocks.

We will re-wire your thinking to create a solid base
for you to grow from

Your CrowN = coaching

Are you ready to move in a new direction in life?

I will challenge your current perspectives and ideas
to break you free of thought processes that are
holding you back.

We will overcome your obstacles and stuck thinking
to achieve your goals.

We will discover your dreams, and grow you into
the person who lives this life.

These two approaches have given me a wide set of tools that I can adjust depending on the work you would like to do.


This is your process, your journey, your life and I am here to help you create it.

I will grow you deep

Esther, 23. California

It was such a breeze working with Laura. She has a gentle, professional, and uniquely intuitive coaching style, which got to the heart of deeply personal matters I had very quickly. Through understanding where I was at, she gave me valuable perspective and action steps fit for me.

Richard, 52. Manchester

Laura has a way of putting her attention on me and where I am stuck, that allows me to explore what is blocking me and move forward, while staying true to my values and goals.

Victor, 24. Copenhagen

Coaching with Laura has helped align my actions with my goals. She was attentive and curious to my desires while challenging me to step up to my best ability. Her coaching is invaluable.

What people say