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My fingerprint as a coach

October 22, 2016



My specialty, or fingerprint, as a coach, is finding the message or possibility in every situation.


We can’t avoid pain, suffering or adversity. But the truth is it only makes us stronger if we know how to use it to our advantage. If we learn how to see what is possible from this place.


I really believe this. I believe we need to feel our pain, be with the hurt and let our selves be ‘down’. I call these ‘wallow days’ and I let myself have them on a regular basis. Because no emotion is better than another. Joy does feel better than grief or jealousy, but all emotions are there to tell us something. They all have a message for us, that only becomes clear to us, when we let ourselves be with the feeling.


It takes courage to discover or draw out the message in pain, hurt or anger. But it’s there. The possibility for a better life is right there behind the difficult and feeling stuck. Feeling stuck is only stuck thinking. If we turn the situation up side down the possibility will appear. It’s waiting to be seen. Waiting to be invited out.


That’s what I do. I find the possibility in a situation and I re-frame it into something you can grow from. People say it’s my “finger-print”. Through coaching with me your perceived weakness can shift into a strength. I will teach you how to see what is possible and how to make it happen.


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