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Anger - Stop giving away your power.

April 20, 2017


It dawns on me that he has compromised on his integrity. He lied to himself. He told himself he’d be fine settling. That it wasn’t actually settling.

And now he’s frustrated - angry. Feels wronged. But it’s so foreign, so alien to admit that he’s wronged himself. So, he’s placing the anger on me. Somehow I’m the one that has wronged him. I’m the perpetrator. He wants me to believe that I’m the reason he compromised on his integrity. But how could I ever be? It’s not something I have the power to take from him.


I love anger. What the emotion represents. Anger is asking you to put your attention on something valuable to you. Many people will answer that anger arises when someone has wronged them. If you dig deeper, you will find that anger is actually a sign of you having wronged you. It’s pain in another form.


Anger is beautiful. Anger always has a message. But when you react you miss it and you give away your power. You compromise on your integrity.

Stop. Listen. Stop blaming others. Stop giving away your power. And stop compromising on your integrity.

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